Your network configuration in one click with IP Notify

IP Notify displays your current network configuration in the menu bar and notifies you of any changes

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Access your configuration

IP Notify presents your active network configuration in the menu bar for an easy access with just one click. Selecting any item automatically copies its value to the clipboard. It can even determine your external IP address by querying external public services.


Lots of customization options are offered to offer more freedom in what the application does and how the information is presented to the user. Stay tunned for more to come, we have lot's of cool ideas that will be regularly released in future updates!


Get Notified On Your Mac

IP Notify uses the Mac OS notification system to report changes in your network configuration. You even have the choice between simple or more detailed notifications.

Get Notified Remotely by E-mail

Even when you are away from your Mac, you can get e-mail notifications of any changes in the network configuration. This features is particularly convenient when your internet service provider regularly changes your externel IP address. Thanks to IP Notify, you always know the external address where you can remotely access your access your computer.


IP Notify

IP Notify is available for sale on the App Store for $3.99

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Privacy Policy

With IP Notify your data remains entirely private. We do not access, collect, use, or save any of your personal data.

No access to
personal data
No data collection
Only access network
if authorized by user
Only store application settings

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